Full responsive Professional Material Design theme with Unlimited colors and a lot of different options.

Eva theme you can use if your site is for users: from several countries, one country or one city.

1. Full Responsive



3. Unlimited colors


You can select unlimited colors with Color Picker ( Primary color, Second color, Publish ad button color and hover for this button).

4. Main page search can be configured to use

  • Select Country - Region - City
  • Select Region - City
  • Search in all regions
  • Search in regions only with items
  • Search in All cities ( It is advisable to use if you have a few regions or one. If you have a lot of regions - the main page will be a long time to load.)
  • Search in Cities with items only
  • Search in Countries with items
  • Hide locations search

5. Enable/disable City input from advanced search.

6. Item-post page options

  • Enable/disable all locations
  • Enable/disable country select
  • Show custom field after categories or at bottom

7 . Сarousel in the main page with custom settings:

  • select number of items to show in carousel  from theme settings
  • select to show premium or popular items
  • hide carousel

8 . Social networks

  • Share buttons in item page.
  • Links to you social pages in footer ( past from theme settings)

9. Custom Text(can be with HTML tags)

  • Custom Welcome text in Main Page. Text paste in theme settings or disable.
  • Blocks in main page for Text. These blocks can be used for seo text. Or it could be text for visitors.
  • Text on category pages. These blocks can be used for seo text. Or it could be text for visitors.

10. Advertise Managment from theme settings for platforms, such as Google Adsense.

11 . Related ads

Related Ads in item page. Related Ads function allows to set to the administrator various settings:

  • number of relates ads in item page;
  • ads with photos only оr not;
  • ads only from the same region оr not;
  • ads only from the same same categoryоr not;
  • Premium ads only or not;
  • Any combination of the previous functions for Related Ads

12. Gallery and List View. The administrator can choose - as will be shown by default.

13. Custom background images for main page. Now you can upload/replace background image from theme settings.

14. Custom copyright in footer from theme settings.

15. Widgets in footer. Here you can insert any widget that you want, or just text.

16. Icons for categories

  • Can be replaced (or upload for new categories) from theme settings.
  • Disable/enable: category icons in items

17. Disable/enable mark as and useful block in item page.

18. Disable/enable categories in main page.

19. Very Easy to install.No need edit the code. No need plugins to install theme.

20. Google Map with clusters for main page and search page.


21. Google Map for item page.

22. Translated: English, Spanish(Spain), Portuguese(Brazil), Portuguese(Portugal), Russian, German, French, Italian.

And full ready to translate to any other language. It is very easy to do:https://doc.osclass.org/Translating_and_editing_language_files_%28.po_and_.mo%29

Important! Using a Google Maps requires a Google Maps API keys.

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Intelligent Theme
By peter, December 21, 2018
Intelligent Theme
  • 1

    Val4 months ago

    Hi, please let me know if customization of theme is possible.
    Hi, please let me know if customization of theme is possible.

    Dis AUTHOR4 months ago

    Hi. For a fee.

    peter2 months ago

    Is the EVA-Logo Font in the Pack?
    Is the EVA-Logo Font in the Pack?

    Dis AUTHOR2 months ago

    This is not a Font. This is image.

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