Fully responsive to all devices to display voucher codes or regular ads. Admin will choose system type with licence for two domains. No need install plugins to run all functionalities of the theme on both systems.

This software allow you to use two different mode in a single theme: vouchers or standard ads. Only one can be used chosen by admin. Two domains is allowed per licence.

This multi-country theme allow users can publish type of voucher (campaign or single product), with voucher code.

The voucher code can be copied by user with a simple click on button and redirect to website of seller/store.

*NEW ✓ We are available to accept suggestions to improvements on next versions. Send us your suggestions.

Live Demo

Access to admin demo

Username : admin

Password : admin

Admin demo

Main resources:

✓ Dual system to ads and vouchers

✓ Licence to 2 domains (1 domain by system)

✓ Price discount, clock countdown to expiration and vouchers inserted on script.

✓ User can choose expiration date on publish on both system.

✓ Min date pre-defined by default, or by categories, or choosed by user or defined by admin.

✓ Max date of 1 until to 12 months defined by admin.

User can publish:

✓ Voucher type

✓ Percentage to campaigns

✓ Price and discount to single products

✓ Voucher codes (cannot be edited after published/activated by rule)

✓ External link to purchase product / campaign products

✓ Terms & conditions for campaign or single product (optional, but cannot edit after published/activated by rule)

✓ Expiration mode: user choose the expiration date on calendar, or admin will choose a fix date, or per category if not empty (priority is user choose the expiration date).

✓ Picker date can be controled by admin with max date until 12 months (minimum required by default is 8 days)

✓ On this theme not exists possibility to items not expire. By default 8 days is required to expire any item publish, if user not choose a expiration date on calendar, or if expiration category is 0 as value and if expiration field is not required.

Admin can:

✓ upload images a pattern to advanced search / breadcrumbs background.

✓ upload images of partners or for other purpose.

✓ Testimonials cannot be translated, but users can sent them by contact form. Admin need to add manually the testimonials on admin fields.

This theme have included some plugins directly on theme:

✓ price discount, clock countdown and vouchers (exclusive).


✓ Latest osclass version (3.7.1)

✓ All plugins compatible with modern theme or bender, will be compatible with DualClass too.


✕ Do not use reviews tab to make questions, author cannot answer from there.

✓ Open a support ticket to ask something, or click on questions tab to be public (public questions need be aproved by osclass)

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