Change log update 1.0.5 ( December 3 , 2015 ) :

user can upload there profile pic and cover

admin can upload main and 1st sub category icon ( disable / enable options )

admin can upload country icon ( disable / enable options )

Other Css Style Enhancement and Layout


Clean Design and Responsive ( work like an aps )

search engine forms enhance including (country -> region-> city, category, type of user , free listing )

homepage search engine at top

Premium Listings Slider sidepanel subpages

Premium Listings and  categories latest listing on homepage

Custom sidepanel- Widgets boxes 

Social Sharing Ready  (FB, Twitter, google+)

Custome Field CSS sample included 

Related Listings Modified - based from category > country > region  > city

Item Viewing - clickable attributes to search page ( username , category , city , region , country )

Advanced Theme Settings

-Where to display Side Panel (default by Before Main - Left Side / Posting Item url is not included- recommended not to alter the position of side panel for the Responsive Layout)

Side Panel Options

No. of User Items (Your Latest Listings) to Display Side Panel ( minimum / default by 4 )

No. of Related Items to Display in Item (minimum / default by 4 )

No. of Premium Items to Display Side Panel (minimum / default by 4 )

Homepage Options

No. of Premium Items to Display at Homapage ( minimum /default by 6 )

No. of Items to Display Homapage by Category ( minimum / default by 5 )

Search Result Options

No. of Premium Items to Display at Search Result ( minimum / default by 3 )

- Location Box Option - Show Region ( Default by YES )

- Location Box Option - Show Cities (Default by NO) 

- Category Box -Option - Show Sub-Category ( Default by YES ) 

pls check the attached photos to see more enhancement 

Demo - Username  demo / Password demodemo


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    • Compatibilityv3.5.2 - v3.8.0
    • Version1.0.5 (2016-09-07)
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