Change all the design of the entire theme, all divs colors and font sizes, build your own schemes easily by via admin, without any programing skills, and other extra options.

• True HTML 5 completed without any error.

• True css 3 completed without any error.

• Free installation, configuration, assistence and updates.

• Fully responsive for all type of devices and screens.

• Advanced search with multiple countries or only one.

• Grid / list instantaneous.

• Admin footer links.

• Ads management for Banner and adsense.

• Widgets management in header and footer.

• System of build your own schemes.

• Help Manual page.

• Multiple extra options.

• All plugins compatible with modern theme, also is compatible with aurum theme.

Advanced Product Description

Change all theme with your design: all divs, all fields, titles, font sizes, colors, etc. Build your own schemes, easily by via admin with pic color and fields to font sizes. Front end with live preview only to admin for follow your progress, in a unique powerful tool!

Create your own scheme colors, make any scheme created as default, delete schemes, disable schemes with manage schemes admin page, without any programing skills.

Save schemes, remove schemes, recover css files, see current list css files, status of css files with each scheme, and many other options via admin.

About system of schemes:

Only admin can see your live progress in front end in real time.

The admin don't need stop your site for customize a scheme.

The visitors can visit or site 24 hours a day, when admin work in a custom scheme, and no visitor can detect it.

The website run normally for admin and visitors, anyway is just css code in progress, light as a feather.

Admin can show your schemes in front end, and make one own scheme or any other as default theme of your website.

All switch schemes in front end menu, is instantaneous.

Each visitor after latest click a scheme, that scheme will be appears again when he visit your site again, in a period of 30 days.

After 30 days if he not choose any other scheme in menu, he will see default theme chosen by admin.

The same process to admin.

In front end after click a scheme in menu, all pages show the scheme color chosen, included 404.php page.

Custom theme?

If you need aurum theme customized by the developer, you can contact for a budget. The work include change the name of the theme and all the parameters and functions with that unique theme name you like, for your theme remain unique. All design colors, font sizes, font faces, and other custom needs for your project. Minimum time estimate is one month for finish.

12 Reviews

Great bad Theme.
By raihan ali, May 06, 2017
This is one of the great bad theme. If i write some code in [removed] then change my language auto bangla to china. so bad. Don't purchase it.
Errors not showing
By Thomas, June 12, 2015
Hi, i purchased this theme. I was wondering: why aren't the errors (false input) not showing e.g. if someone published an add and forgets to enter a title (fix?). I think this is a serious issue since entering false input is something quite common
Great Theme
By antonpavlov anton, May 22, 2015
totally satisfied
Image upload doesn't work on iPhone
By Seng Chew, April 20, 2015
Tested it on iPhone 6.
verified ads by admin first
By CLouD, April 07, 2015
how do I get the ads should be verified by the admin first? in order to avoid duplication .. I think this is an important plugin .. to avoid spam ..

    Ridder3 years ago

    why i can't by this theme without a creditcard via paypal? best regards
    why i can't by this theme without a creditcard via paypal?

    best regards

    fog AUTHOR3 years ago

    Hi, you can just use paypal account for payments without any type of credit card. Select payment option: with my paypal account.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards

    Ridder3 years ago

    does not work I have not that option in my paypal account

    fog AUTHOR3 years ago

    Hi, sorry, I cannot control that part. You need contact osclass team for details about purchase method. Kind Regards

    Christophe ...2 years ago

    Hi, Please Aurum Theme is 100% RTL or not ? Thank you, Chris
    Hi, Please Aurum Theme is 100% RTL or not ?
    Thank you,

    fog AUTHOR2 years ago

    Hi, I'm not sure about your initials (RTL).
    But if is something about languages, the theme have full code to translation for any language available on market.

    If RTL (Right To Left) Arabic languages, yes osclass already have that with proper language packages.

    Remember, and for everyone: osclass languages packages nothing to do with any theme builded. I saw people using arabic languages (Right To Left) on aurum theme. POedit program to translation detect RTL automatically, after choose the proper language code.

    For other hand, if RTL have to do with design (floating content), is possible and easy to swap floats with aurum theme.

    If you need help on any of that situations, you have free support.

    I hope this can answer to your question, if not, please, especify a litle better to me.

    Aurum theme will be updated in soon with new version. Will be incuded some minor corrections, and other things not included so far.

    Thank you

    Subrat ...1 year ago

    is this theme works with Osclass Payment Pro plugin ?
    is this theme works with Osclass Payment Pro plugin ?

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Yes, works well you can use him without problems.

    walter1 year ago

    your last update was 2017-05-11.. i want to buy the theme.. but you havent updated it. and answer...
    your last update was 2017-05-11.. i want to buy the theme.. but you havent updated it. and answered issues by customers

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Sorry, the update was not finished yet, because I have some other priorities I need to do. But i will see if I can finish on this month.

    Oh, this date? (2017-05-11) Don't believe on product dates, because I can update the product on description, and the date of product will be updated... so, is not the same if I update the product package.

    If you like of the theme we can send you the update after your purchase, in soon. You don't need wait for a osclass review.
    Or you can wait of course, and purchase on a future date, if you already have interest after osclass review.

    Thank you

    alex5165781 year ago

    Good afternoon. I want to buy your topic for the bulletin board. Can you install it on my hosting...
    Good afternoon. I want to buy your topic for the bulletin board. Can you install it on my hosting and optimize it? And I have more questions:
    1. Can you add the site address when submitting an ad?
    2. Can you make sure that each language of the site has its own language prefix depending on the country? For example: and
    3. Can you add Russian?

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Good afternoon,

    I can do all your requirements job, but it will cost you a custom job. For this detail you need contact me after your purchase.

    I can install the theme and configure it on your hosting.
    To users (registered/non registered) add a website URL is necessary a plugin to do this, unless that URL belongs to public profile. But registered users need to add that URL on register page, or for old register users, they need to edit that field on profile settings. (This subject need be more clear for what you need).

    Each country have your own lang prefix, but what you really want is each language open in a different subdomain. I never try that, but with same database in question, is possible with proper function to open language on proper subdomain. That, will require one osclass installation to each language (subdomain), pointed to same database. Google will not penalize that method, because are all your subdomains to belong your main domain. All URL images of each osclass installation of subdomains need be pointed to main domain. For other hand, on edit/publish page, that page need be open from main domain, and not from a subdomain. All images are stored on your main root installation, and not on subdomains.

    Example: current language chosen "Portuguese", subdomain is, and when user decide to open the publish page, he will be redirected to main domain: Of course, he will see the same translation chosen (portuguese), no matter if he choose another language translated, the URL will not change in that specific case, only the translation will change.

    That, is all I can see now. I don't know a better method to do this.
    For Russian language, I can add the language folder with .po, .mo files, but you need translate with poEdit program. I cannot use google translations to do that. I not understand Russian language to correct something with bad translation. That's why is important you do the translation.

    Kind Regards

    Subrat ...1 year ago

    is this theme compatible with osclass payment pro ?
    is this theme compatible with osclass payment pro ?

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Yes, is compatible

    TLAC10 months ago

    Hi Your theme looks very nice. I have some questions to confirm it meets our needs before purc...

    Your theme looks very nice. I have some questions to confirm it meets our needs before purchase.

    1. do custom fields show in the search section of the home page? is code modification necessary for this to happen?
    2. can I hide/remove the location fields from search? configuration or code modification
    3. can the "publish your ad" button be shown only after logged in? configuration or code change?
    4. does this theme depend other software? can i use it out of the box with a clean install of Osclass?
    5. i will be testing this theme in a sandbox before deploying, do I need to buy twice?

    fog AUTHOR10 months ago

    Hi, I'm glad you like the theme.

    Answering your questions:

    1 - Custom fields are called by hook "search_form" on osclass by main rule on search mechanism. For that is necessary a submit a search firstly selecting a categories. I meant, when a custom field is created by admin, he need select categories belongs to that custom fields, so that only make sense if exist a search results to a category chosen, otherwise, the custom fields will not appear.

    The homepage is not the search page, so, is not possible appears only certain custom fields to category selected, because not exists a search results firstly (search page is ever required with a submit to search results).

    Unless, on homepage that condition to "search_form" hook need be changed to something totally different (not sure if can be done like that, but I can see it in soon). But, javascript will be needed to do that to not depend of a submit on search. That, is something custom job to do. We can talk about your custom job to do.

    2 - The only fields for location search is: country, region and city on dropdown menus. Yes, of course, can be hidden, commented or removed on search form on homepage or search page, or both.

    3 - Sure, can be done with a new admin field on theme settings, or directly on code.

    4 - The aurum theme not depends of any external software, or special plugins. All code and files are on internal package of theme. Don't need any internet connexion to run / test all functionalities. The only requirements is osclass script installed on localhost (offline), or on hosting server (online).

    5 - I'm not sure what you meant, but you need only buy again the theme if you need use / install the product on two or more different domains. But you can inform me if you need to do that temporarily, only to test some hosting service. In the end if you need use the product in only one domain, no need purchase new licence (buying again the product).


    TLAC10 months ago

    thank you so much for taking the time to give explanation. On the home page, there is no "search" button. Is it that, the listings will change as I type keywords and select categories/location/price?

    fog AUTHOR10 months ago

    No, the search mechanism not working like that.

    Indeed missing the button, was not save on settings on live demo by osclass market, because I forgot tell about that configuration. I not have access immediately to do the changes on admin settings, I need contact them to ask if they can do that for me.

    Thank you for check this, I will report to ask if osclass team member can save the settings to button appear. Sorry aboit that.

    I don't know if this link will be approved here, but this is the old live demo link from my hosting: ""

    If you see something here like "removed" it's because the link was removed... sorry, are the rules.

    On that old live demo you can see the button already saved as: a image or in HTML color.

    Really, missing a value saved by default, to not require a admin intervation to get that option. That minor issue, will be corrected on next version

    Thank you again

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