[-19% off] Pack/Gum + 3 premium plugin

This pack contains:

Scroll Box Plugin, price 29 $, price with the pack 23 $
Radius Search for Osclass, price 29 $, price with the pack 23 $
Gum Theme, price 20 $, price with the pack 16 $
Osclass Payments Pro, price 20 $, price with the pack 16 $
You are saving 19$ with this pack.

This pack contains a premium theme and 3 premium plugins made by Osclass team.

Gum is the new Osclass theme made by Osclass team, it’s a responsive theme influenced by the latest web design trends. Your classifieds website will have a professional look that encourages users to publish their ads. Gum theme it is completely responsive, your users will experience all the features from any device, even smartphones and tablets.

Earn money with your classifieds site thanks to Osclass Payments Pro, the most completed plugin to accept payments, created by the Osclass team. With Payments Pro you could charge your users for publishing a listing, moving it to the top positions or highlighting it from the rest with different colors. You could set different prices for each category. This plugins allows your users to buy credit and later spend it as they want. This new version of Payments Pro allows you to reward credits to the users you decide.Osclass Payments Pro integrates Paypal, Stripe, CCavenue, Braintree, Authorize.net and Bitcoinsamong others methods of payment, as well as local bank payments, which makes it the most complete and feature rich payment plugin for your Osclass classifieds website.

With Scroll box plugin, you will provide a polite way to show promos or useful content to your visitors as they finish reading your web pages.   

Radius search plugin allows you to find listings near to your location. It will use the current position of the user and perform the search limiting the results near to you.  

    Sy ...2 years ago

    Hi, I have a few question I need clarification on before buying premium theme and plugins. 1. Ca...
    Hi, I have a few question I need clarification on before buying premium theme and plugins.

    1. Can I buy a theme, test it with a subdomain then move it on a new domain when I buy a final domain name?

    2. I will like to have another instance of osclass installed under a subdomain of my final domain name, but modify some default function and features to suite services provided. Can I use same purchase for the main domain and its sub domains?

    3. Will your response apply to only Osclsass team products only or it varies by seller/developers.


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