Add easily a profile picture to your Osclass

Don’t tell me your user don’t have a profile picture yet ? Let’s correct that with Madhouse Avatar, as its name suggest, a profile picture plugin for Osclass.

Simple goal, to give your users a profile picture, but complete set of features.

Get profile pictures on Osclass is easy

All you have to figure out is where you want your pictures to be displayed on your website but keep calm, that’s only a call to a helper and you’re done.

Right out of the box, this plugin is already connected to most of the hooks and enables your users instantly upload a profile pictures at registration or when editing their profile without you getting into the code.

If you have some customization needs, that’s not a problem, the plugin is fully customizable, whether it be through the settings or with some design tweaks in your theme.


This plugin requires you to have PHP 5.3+

Manage Profile Pictures

As you might be used to with our plugins for Osclass, you’ll get the full control over the plugin behavior.

As it does with your theme, the plugin blends seamlessly with Osclass administration and will let you view and edit and delete profile pictures of your users from the ‘Manage Users’ administration page.

The Settings administration page will let you change the 4 image sizes available (nav, thumbnail, preview, normal) to match your needs and upload a default profile picture that will show if the user does not have one yet.

Icing on the cake, if you edited the image sizes settings, the ‘Regenerate’ administration page included in the plugin will let you regenerate all your profile pictures already uploaded, at once.

Theme and plugins compatibility

Mcfly integrations

Madhouse Avatar is fully integrated with our theme Mcfly without any theme modifications.

Download Mcfly theme


Of course, you’re encouraged to use it with our personal messaging plugin to embellish your messenger with profile pictures.

Download Madhouse Messenger


You can use it with our Facebook plugin to automatically synchronized user's profile pictures on register and login.

Download Madhouse Facebook

Madhouse Avatar is available in:

  • English
  • French
  • ...

Unfortunatly, we don't speak other languages. If you want to help us to translate Madhouse Facebook in other languages please contact us.

Note that this product is under a One Time Use License, therefore we hereby grant to you a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license to use this product in one Osclass installation. Under a One Time Use License Agreement you do not have the right to use this product independently of your Osclass installation or on more than one Osclass website.

23 Reviews

Lots of Bugs - Developer do not solve it
By Abhinav Mishra, November 28, 2017
Never ever Buy this plugin as Developer never reply to issues faced in plugin. Lots of Bugs - Developer do not solve it. Buy something else from your hard earned money.
Customization problem
By MS Rahman, July 19, 2017
When I install and this do display none on register page there is a big problem. Plugin shows a fatal error page.
Au nom de Wyngo
By Benjamin, May 14, 2017
Je remercie beaucoup Madhouse pour leurs plugin et leur réactivité concernant les bugs !

Merci encore :)
Extremely Poor Support
By ojasweb, April 27, 2017
I bought the plugin hoping to get it running in no time. However i found that the documentation isn't helpful enough and i asked the developer for support. Unfortunately, the response takes forever, and up till this moment they didn't reply my message.
Worst experience ever!
Love it
By max, April 25, 2017
"Madhouse" is a plugin working guarantee and clear explanations, I love this plugin with pop theme i can put an avatar thumbnail when the user is online, beautiful!

    STAR1 year ago

    Will this work on Gum Theme
    Will this work on Gum Theme

    Madhouse AUTHOR1 year ago

    It will definitely work well.

    Avatar will show a field automatically on register and update profile page. The only thing you'll have to do is place the avatar helper where you want it to display the image (on item page, on public profile page).

    More details here:

    Evren1 year ago

    Will it work with fino theme?
    Will it work with fino theme?

    Madhouse AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Evren,

    Yes it will work with fino theme with some modifications. You just need to follow our documentation.


    jefferson ...1 year ago

    please help me , how do I profile picture is round ? I mean the profile picture , I want her to b...
    please help me , how do I profile picture is round ?
    I mean the profile picture , I want her to be with round edge
    like this there in his demon

    Madhouse AUTHOR1 year ago

    This can be done using CSS code. Unfortunately, the exact way to do it depends on the theme you're using at the time.

    The picture you link is using our Mcfly theme which is already integrated with Madhouse Avatar.

    Send us a message through the support ticket system and we'll try to help.

    yuri1 year ago

    is there feature to unable madhouse avatar for premium user only. if yes what it will show for n...
    is there feature to unable madhouse avatar for premium user only. if yes what it will show for not authorized user , can we hide completely (not show default one)

    Madhouse AUTHOR1 year ago

    There's no feature like this out-of-the-box.

    However, it's possible to do it in your theme by showing the form field to premium users only, and display the avatar only when on a premium public profile. You'll need to have some technical skills but it shouldn't be too hard to do.

    christina ...7 months ago

    will it work on your other templates?
    will it work on your other templates?

    mercadoa1 month ago

    Dear, Is this plugin still operational? Is it compatible with Social login? Do you capture the ...

    Is this plugin still operational? Is it compatible with Social login? Do you capture the profile images of facebook?


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