3-in-1 Professional Rich Text Editor - supports ITEM pages, CUSTOM FIELDS and USER PUBLIC PROFILEs! Responsive design. SEO Friendly. 100% Secure with robust industry-standard server-side validation. MySQL FullText Search compatible.

3-in-1 HTML Editor:




You may post as a guest or register, switch languages, themes...


- Responsive Design

- Content Bad Words Filter Built-In

- SEO Friendly

- XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) & SQL Injection Proof

- Server-Side validated & filtered HTML/XHTML code*


- External media (image/video/audio) embedding (optional for admins & users separately)

- Embedded CSS technology with near 100% true appearance rendering


Plugin is completely transparent to Osclass Core and does not modify plain text description (they are fully preserved & admin may revert to plain text mode at any given point in time). As a consequence, auto-embed of HTML Editor is no longer possible and small theme modifications are required (read below).


Please read plugin documentation page in:

Admin Dashboard > Plugins menu > HTML Editor > Help

Please open a support ticket for assistance in specific theme cases.


As with all our plugins, we dedicate a special attention and development time to security in Osclass. This plugin is no exception. With industry standard server-side HTML and CSS validation technology, you can be 100% safe and sound that users will not be able to inject malicious or perfectly valid, but still very dangerous code through obscured text, external scripts, iframes, images, media files, and other dangerous tags in general. Item description forms are subjected to sanitization before storing into Osclass database (never trust any user submitted data).

All these security features are NOT AVAILABLE in the free Rich Edit and jQuery WYSIWYG plugins!


- Auto-Insert of target="_blank" and rel="nofollow" attributes in all hyperlinks (on secure server-side)

- Auto-Replacement of h1 and h2 heading tags with h3 and h4, respectively.

- Auto-Translation of Editor's h1-h4 into h3-h6 headings, respectively

Microsoft Word + Copy & Paste Support From HTML/Various Untrusted Sources

Plugin supports copy/paste from Word and other HTML/XHTML-based documents, cleaning up most of the junk that comes with it in a safe and responsible way to preserve document layout as much as possible, without compromising security and theme style integrity.


Included CSS file for theme's item.php page to define/override all supported elements with default styles, in case they are missing inside your theme (and they usually do).


- enable/disable text color/background color CSS properties

- enable/disable hyperlinks (a href elements) - if disabled, they will be converted to plain text; if enabled they will be auto-appended with nofollow and blank attributes

- server-side smart filters - remove multiple consecutive blank spaces, empty lines etc.

- toolbar & menus display options (to better fit different themes & restrict direct access to some settings)

- restrict plugin for registered users only (plugin will be disabled for guests / plain text input only)

- enable/disable server-side security and validation modules (for debugging & testing only)


- HTML Editor comes already translated with over 50+ world languages, more than Osclass officially supports. Auto-Language switchover with Osclass main language selectors supported.

- Error messages (if option enabled) inside /languages folder must be translated with POEdit. Check official Osclass documentation.


- Plugin supports Osclass 3.1.1 and up. Custom Fields feature requires Osclass 3.7.0 and up.


- Minifyer plugin is NOT compatible with HTML Editor plugin. Minifyer breaks critical javascript components required for proper plugin operation, so please uninstall Minifyer before use. Check forums for more information about many reported issues with Minifyer plugin.

- Spam Solution Plugin > BadWords filter is NOT DIRECTLY compatible with HTML Editor plugin.

See this suggestion, if you still wish to use this filter from Spam Solution plugin: https://forums.osclass.org/plugins-20/badwords-spam-solution-plugin/

Or, use our built-in content words filter directly inside HTML Editor for maximum compatibility and easy implementation.

Please note that filtering of words in HTML is much harder or even impossible to do reliably. For maximum security, we suggest one of free spam prevention plugins such as SpamKiller or SpamProtection. They work in plain text domain, they are inherently immune to html concealing and they are 100% compatible with HTML Editor, but they cannot filter the contect proactively, only block or mark items as spam, for admin/moderators later review.

- LZT Theme One (and possibly other LZT themes) uses Minifyer plugin as a component (it is installed automatically with the theme) - please go to plugins page and disable/remove Minifyer plugin.

- Plugin incorporates js features auto-detection and it is auto-disabled for Opera Mini & very old browsers which lack necessary components support. Only plain-text input is enabled/possible in such cases.

14 Reviews

Excelent Support; Very good plugin.
By Mike, May 03, 2018
I always want HTML editor for my website Ads for long time. Now, I finally got a HTML editor to post Ads. I am very happy with the result Rival theme integration. I am looking forward to get the [removed] website running. Wish me good luck :-)
Thank you dev101.
Nice Editor Must Important Plugin for osclass
By webhostpune, March 12, 2018
great support thanks for plugin developers team.
100% plugin cost return and multisite usable.
best add on for osclass.
Excelent Support
By Jason, March 04, 2018
I purchased the HTML Editor plugin for Osclass, and it all worked well for default theme that comes packaged with Osclass (bender [removed] by Osclass)

However I also purchased the theme (Violet) and had some CSS issues making the editor not worthless, but very ugly.

After contacting dev102 the developer of the HTML Editor plugin, my problem was resolved in a very professional and timely fashion.

Dev101 is a pleasure doing business with.
I highly recommend this plugin.

Thank you dev101.
Brilliant support
By will scurlock, February 27, 2018
Hi, I've just asked for the, in my view, impossible, that is reconfigure the plugin to support a twitter timeline.

What I got was non-stop work until it was finished. You could not ask for anything more from a developer.

Do buy this plugin, and his other products. You will not be disappointed. As someone has already said "it's worth every penny".
Very useful plugin!
By Tim, April 25, 2017
Users can easily insert tables and edit their data without any html knowledge, perfect for my site. Also can use Editor in various fields
Thanks to dev101

    Andreas1 year ago

    Any demo for this plugin?
    Any demo for this plugin?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Andreas!


    ( You may post as a guest or use demo account provided @ login page OR register your own account which will be deleted after 24 hours. )

    Actually, live demo link is already posted in the plugin's description under the subtitle LIVE DEMO (@ Information tab - look above), but unfortunately, the new color scheme for the Market after re-design does not make the links stand out from the rest of the text.

    4tony1 year ago

    Can MCE be upgraded to Version 4.5.1 ?
    Can MCE be upgraded to Version 4.5.1 ?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi 4tony,
    Plugin will be upgraded as soon as it gets ready for new release, including new features.

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    If you wish to test new version, please open a support ticket and I will pass it to you.

    Eed1 year ago

    pls can i use it in admin pag only not for users and how can i do this ?
    pls can i use it in admin pag only not for users and how can i do this ?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Eed, yes this is possible. Please download latest plugin version 3.1.3 and check option 'Admins Only' under User settings section.


    Eed ...1 year ago

    can you mack some discount ?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Eed, I am sorry, but cannot do that right now. I also have to pay provision and all, so not much is left then. Also a lot of time is invested in development, plus I continuously improve it and add new features, bugfix updates etc. Plugin's license allows you to use it on all your Osclass websites, that is pretty generous I think.


    Eed ...1 year ago

    is it for 1 domin or more and can you take me some discount ?
    is it for 1 domin or more and can you take me some discount ?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    For all your domains that you manage and own, not just one.

    John ...1 year ago

    Hello, I have a real estate theme with set custom field areas that people tick boxes in, when th...

    I have a real estate theme with set custom field areas that people tick boxes in, when they post an ad. They are things like INSIDE FEATURES, OUTSIDE FEATURES, AREA etc, but I want to add some more.

    When I've added more custom fields, they aren't searchable, even though I save them as searchable in advanced settings. Only the preset field custom fields can be seen. Even though wile posting an ad, mine can be selected as well. Can this plugin help me either add more to the set custom field areas or at least make mine visible in advanced searches.



    John Nash

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi John,

    No, this plugin will not interfere with SEARCH function in absolutely any way, and will have 0 effect on your tickboxes / checkboxes. It only inserts HTML Editors where appropriate and set, and affects appearance of descriptions and selected custom fields on item and user public profile pages. It will not help you fix the issue with your custom fields that you currently have.


    John ...1 year ago

    Thanks for the response.


    Amjad ...9 months ago

    Does it support RTL in particular Arabic and Hebrew?
    Does it support RTL in particular Arabic and Hebrew?

    dev101 AUTHOR9 months ago

    Hello, you can see in the demo link (see plugin description) 2 icons: "left to right" and "right to left" on the editor's main toolbar, so you may test this feature yourself and see if it works the way you expect.

    Amjad ...9 months ago

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    dev101 AUTHOR9 months ago

    Hi Amjad, I will soon release a new plugin version with option to set a default language direction (LTR or RTL), so your editor can be better customized to suite your particular country/region right away. Contact me via support ticket if you wish to test the new version before release (via support ticket).


    Amjad ...9 months ago

    Thank you for the heads-up. I would love to test it for both Arabic & Henrew.
    Let me know how of the next steps.

    dev101 AUTHOR9 months ago

    Dear Amjad,

    Please open a support ticket message (look at the right panel on this page titled: "Questions?
    Open a support ticket") and we will continue our conversation there. New version is already submitted and waiting for approval.


    Amjad ...9 months ago

    Hi,Unless I am missing something, I only get on the right-side panel “Questions, Ask a questio...
    Unless I am missing something, I only get on the right-side panel “Questions, Ask a question” but not Questions? Open Support Ticket”. Again, I would love to test it for both Arabic and Hebrew.

    dev101 AUTHOR9 months ago

    Sorry, support ticket feature is available for customers only, and I assumed that you already purchased HTML Editor plugin.


    dev101 AUTHOR9 months ago

    If you already purchased it, then click on your User name at the right top of this page, then on the left you should see a sidebar with all your items:

    Market Dashboard > My Purchases > Support column

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