The plugin will support only latin characters for category if you will use permalinks on your site, the slug of the category will be included in the post link and the post title also.

Cbk plugin will create a page on your site that will contain the articles post by you and option to search between this articles.

Plugins options:

  • Left/Right sidebar
  • Number of posts for search, home and admin
  • Set the home link (for permalinks)
  • Set Blog title
  • Sidebar widget to add a like box or adsense ads
  • Set categories
  • Upload media in posts
  • Set thumbnails for your posts, that will be displayed on home page and search page.

Images will not be resized on upload so is better to use images with the sizes that you intend to use in the posts. Large images will slow your site, so resize the image to the dimension that you will use in the post before you upload the image.

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