Osclass SEO: the #1 Osclass SEO Plugin

  • Manage seo

Title and meta description templating for better branding. Customisable with keyword replacement.

Use "keyword replacement" for more accurate seo texts. Seo editor includes autocomplete for keywords for easy usage, just start typing "{" and select your desired keyword.

  • Related searches

Include related searches to search pages, only with permalinks enabled.

It works with Category and/or Region search filters.

Under the following three cases:

  • example.com/search/{CATEGORY}
  • example.com/search/{REGION}
  • example.com/search/{CATEGORY}/{REGION}
  • Twitter Cards markup & Facebook Open Graph

Improve sharing experience using Twitter Cards & Facebook Open Grapth. Meta title & Meta description of the shared url will be used as "Title & Description" of Twitter Cards and Open Graph share attributes.

  • Edit robots.txt file

*Advanced* Edit your robots.txt file at any time.

  • Edit .htaccess file

*Advanced* Edit your .htaccess file at any time. 


v.1.0.1 - New feature - Twitter Cards markup & Facebook Open Graph 

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