Full Breadcrumbs navigation system for Osclass displays entire path of the current user location anywhere on your website, with permalink features and microdata schema support. See screenshots and description for more info or visit a LIVE DEMO to see how plugin works by yourself.




Google Index Search Results: SITE:OSCLASS.WORK


  • Permalink Rules automatic switch ON/OFF detection and proper URL structure adjustments
  • Fully Supports Custom Permalink Rules (Admin Dashboard > Permalinks > Show Rules)
  • Home/Category/SubCategory/SubSubCategory (...) multi-levels support
  • Country / Region / City dynamic logical generation
  • Search Keyword (if available)
  • Works on every page
  • Full W3C HTML5 code compliancy
  • English .po and .mo language templates included
  • Support for easy styling via embedded CSS classes
  • Support for Rich Snippets schema data

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits:

  • Increase internal linking density (important for SEO)
  • With friendly rules enabled and active, URLs for region, city, categories etc. act as base URLs (important for SEO)
  • Point search engines such as Google, Bing etc. to your most relevant URLs and help them better understand the complex structure of your website(s). The better the understanding, the higher the ranking.
  • Safely and naturally increase anchored keyword density for categories, locations etc. on item and search page(s) (once again, important for SEO)

Plugin Requirements

Plugin requires geo-location database installed in order to work properly. Please read the following official documentation page: http://doc.osclass.org/Installing_new_locations

If your country is not available, then you must manually enter all Country/Region/City data inside Admin Dashboard > General Settings > Locations. Read Help page for more info.

How to upgrade plugin? Upgrade Procedure:

Uninstall old version, rename or backup old version folder, replace plugin with new version and install. No need to change anything inside theme file(s).


Q: I have already purchased a SEO plugin for Osclass, should I get this one, too?

A: Absolutely Yes! The plugin covers a very specific area of Osclass, which is not covered in ANY other SEO plugin available in the Market. Both users and Search Engines will extremely benefit from it.

WHAT'S NEW - version 3.0.0

  • Duplicate City Management

Designed new logic for managing & detecting multiple duplicate cities across different regions/countries with user-friendly error flash message warning if specified region is missing


Please perform a full upgrade cycle or overwrite existing and add new folders. Also, update translation files to include new error flash message. Make a backup of your CSS folder and .css customized stylesheet file.

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.5.0

  • Support for city/region slugs

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.4.0

  • Code Improvements
  • Unmatched City/Region handling
  • Non-existing city/region/country handling
  • Multi City / Multi Region input improvements
  • Rival Theme support (check /screenshots folder and custom CSS in /css folder)

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.3.0

  • Code Improvements
  • Error Pages Support

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.1.3

  • OsclassWizards Theme support (1.0/2.0+)
  • User Public Profile - replace ID with user's name

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.1.2

  • DrizzleDesigns Flatter Theme support

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.1.1

  • New major version featured update
  • New Admin Settings page with new options
  • Help file updated with new features explained
  • New Country Breadcrumb Disable option (for single-country websites)
  • New Location-Aware Category Permalinks (see screenshots + description)

What are Location-Aware Category Breadcrumbs? Before this option was available all Category breadcrumb permalinks were leading to the root category, subcategory or sub-subcategory page, regardless of the Region and/or City location present. With new feature, admin now has an option to activate location-based Category permalinks which will always keep user inside pre-selected City or Region (or fallback to root Category permalink if neither is present). Settings are separate for Search and Item pages.

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.0.1

  • Minor code optimization & fix
  • Location multi-input search formatting (capitalize first-letters in words)
  • MB-Themes Tatiana Theme support added

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.0.0

  • Significant locations update (now supporting multi-input search)
  • Added new "custom" CSS classes (related to update 1.9.0)
  • Minor webkit CSS rule fix for Symnel Theme
  • Minor Help file improvements

WHAT'S NEW - version 1.9.5

  • Additional Security update
  • Admin Menu future compatibility

WHAT'S NEW - version 1.9.0

  • Added Basic "Custom Page" support (for 3rd party plugins) *
  • Additional code formatting for consistency
  • Help file moved into sub-directory folder
  • Improved Help with additional screenshots and guides

NOTE:* not to be confused with Custom Pages created within Admin Dashboard which are fully supported since initial version

12 Reviews

Very Supportive
By Ozzy, June 16, 2017
I purchased this and install in specific theme that is not listed and contact this support.

Within hours, he access through teamviewer, fixed it and show me if I need to modify in the future. very professional and fully responsible of what he provide.

In addition, I check my link, it increase the internal links,

great support, css ready for most known themes
By lipsmega, March 16, 2017
Support is excelent, messages answered in hours. The plugin come with some css for the main themes, which helps a lot.
ddd best! very2 help full!
By ali, February 18, 2017
very nice plugin. veryy good. best support!!
Awesome Plugin!
By Chris Britton, December 11, 2016
This is a huge advantage for SEO. It works great with the Zara theme after just making the simple code edit in [removed] (as nicely described on the plugins page after you install). Great work on a brilliant plugin!
The required
By buninsan, September 02, 2016
Hello, sorry, I write through a recommend everyone to install this useful for Increase the number of pages in the Extends the semantic core Responsive author of the

    Evren1 year ago

    Hi;Can it be integrated on fino theme without problem?
    Can it be integrated on fino theme without problem?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi, the code section of the plugin should be fine, as it is not theme-depended at all, but some CSS adjustments might be necessary, as every theme is little different. Plugin comes with several .css presets already to quickly test and find a good starting point, but also offer free support to fix any appearance issues. Please check plugin's Help page to get some basic introduction first.

    MkRahamath1 year ago

    Hi, I am going purchase your plugin Full Breadcrumbs. Before that i have question is that work...

    I am going purchase your plugin Full Breadcrumbs.

    Before that i have question is that work with Blog plugin?

    Rahamath MK

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Rahamath MK,

    I do not know how BLOG plugin works to be honest, so I cannot give the upfront answer you were hoping for. Needs to be tested first.

    MkRahamath1 year ago

    Will you please check and let me ?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Rahamath MK,

    I am sorry, but as that plugin is premium and do not own it, I cannot make any tests upfront. I can only assume that IF it uses internal pages or standard categories/items, it should work fine. But, this is only my own guess. It could also mean that it does not work with blog plugin at all, there is no way to tell.

    MkRahamath1 year ago

    Ok, After purchase it doesn't work means will please help to fix that as plugin support?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Rahamath MK,

    please open a support ticket and I will give my best.

    Sasha4 months ago

    Will the plugin work on Subdomain type City based?
    Will the plugin work on Subdomain type City based?

    dev101 AUTHOR4 months ago

    Hi, I haven't done any recent tests, but if I remember right, it should work fine. Keep in mind that subdomain feature in Osclass is not that great right now in terms of SEO etc.

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