**NEW: Re-new options to extend the expiration date of your listings. More customization for your users' wallets and the plugin could be customized to match your theme. Improved admin panel, easier than ever to configure your payments.**

Earn money with your classifieds site thanks to Payments Pro, the most completed plugin to accept payments, created by the Osclass team. With Payments Pro you could charge your users for publishing a listing, moving it to the top positions or highlighting it from the rest with different colors. You could set different prices for each category. This plugins allows your users to buy credit and later spend it as they want. This new version of Payments Pro allows you to reward credits to the users you decide. Payments Pro integrates Paypal, Stripe, Pagseguro, CCavenue, Braintree, Payfast, Authorize.net and Bitcoins among others methods of payment, as well as local bank payments, which makes it the most complete and feature rich payment plugin for your Osclass classifieds website.

Options of payment

Payments Pro offers several options to charge your users for:

Premium Ads: Set a price to make a listing premium at any category. The user will be able to pay before publishing or once the listing is published through their account menu. The administrator could set the price and the duration of the premium status.

Publish fee: Set the price, not highlighted, for all the categories or for specific categories only. The administrator could set a different price for each category. This is essential for any admin who want a paid-only website, not allowing free ads.

Move to top: Allow your users to pay and have their listings moved to the top, old listings will appear on the top positions of your website, granting more visibility. Very useful for those users who, with the pass of time, their ads are relegated to interior pages with less visibility. The administrator could set a default price for all or a different one for each category.

Highlight listings: Yous users will be able to highlight their listings from the rest using different background color, this will attract the attention of the visitors. The admin could choose the special color these listings will be shown with, the duration of the campaign and the price of the service.

Re-new listings: Yous users will be able to re-new their expired or soon to expired listings for a fee. Let your users extend the life their listings and make them visible longer on your website.

Credit packs: The administrator could create as many packs as he wants for the users to buy it once and spend them little by little when publishing their listings. Very useful to those administrators who want to offer some interesting promotions. For example, an admin could create a pack that costs $10 and grant the user $10 in credits, and another pack that costs $15 but rewards the user with $20 in credits.

Wallets: The administrator could give some “credits” to any of his users, just knowing their email or username. The admin could reward the fidelity of his best users, giving them some credits that will allow the users to publish some listings for free, or highlight them.

Improved publish options: Nice looking payment options when the user is publishing his listing, tested in several themes. Also added the options when the user is in the detail page, to pay directly from there, easier than ever.

Prices per category: It isn’t the same to sell a house than some used jeans. If the value of the transaction is higher, the admin could set a higher price for that category. Or for example, decide that all the categories will be free to publish except some of them, for example job offers, as some very popular sites, like Craiglist, already do.

Local bank payments: Let's your users pay with a wire or bank transfer, easiest method that works worldwide. To accept local bank payments, you are required to manually check your bank account periodically and activate the purchases on the special admin area.

With the new Payments Pro, you have total control of the payments received at your classified website thanks to the historical of payments, where every transaction is recorded, along with amount, date and service. Failed payments are also saved in the log of payments, you will have total and complete control of your website.

The new version of Payments Pro is free for all the buyers of the previous versions of the plugin. Osclass team offers support to the buyers of Payments Pro through the ticket system at the Osclass’ market.


  • Mcrypt extension for PHP is required
  • PHP 5.3 or higher is required
  • Not compatible with plugin "Item Social Share", not recommended to use with "More Edit" plugin
  • You need to enable cron (Osclass' cron or your server's cron, find out how to configure cron)
  • You may need to sign up for third party services as Paypal, Stripe, Pagseguro, Braintree,CCavenue, Authorize.net, Blockchain.info... in order to configure those method of payments for the plugin. Those services may impose some additional requirements

Want to see it in action? Check out this video tutorial:

21 Reviews

i can,t install this plug-in
By Muhammad Borhan uddin, June 09, 2019
hello admin, when i click install this plug-in , show this error :;;;

Plugin couldn't be installed because of: Error importSQL::ModelPaymentPro

can you tell me why is problem??
Poor support .already 5 days no response
By rado Hutagalung, February 13, 2019
Poor support .already 5 days no response
Bad Support
By Osa, November 14, 2018
Poor support from developer ,
Great plugin
By Renewables Trader, August 08, 2018
This is a great plugin and does everything I need. However installation was very painful because it doesn't seem to support [removed] If you are getting errors when you try to install this, just downgrade your PHP to v [removed] and it will work just fine.
Good Support
By edd, March 14, 2018
This is great plugin that give a chance to me to monetize the website. It was bug in the beginning on Cary [removed] the Support Team has give all I need to fix the issue. Now, it's working well. Thanks to the Team

    Silvia7 months ago

    I would like to run with recurring monthly payments. So the advertiser will contract once, pay on...
    I would like to run with recurring monthly payments. So the advertiser will contract once, pay once, and the charge will be continuous. Payment will be charged by an external link from pagseguro free payment. It will not need payment integration, because its not the simple payment integration. So I wonder if I can set user types and permissions. So, if a user does not pay, or cancel the fee, I can manually place all the ads of the user on the draft, and change the user type to free user. So the free user will be able to change the content of the draft ads, but will not have access to publish. This plugin, can help me to do that?

    emanuel ...3 months ago

    644/5000 Good night I need an osclass plugin developer for the following subject: a) that the pl...
    Good night I need an osclass plugin developer for the following subject:
    a) that the plugin has several levels of plane type:
    - double diamond,
    - Diamond,
    - gold,
    - silver,
    - bronze,
    And that each of them has a different position on the page

    b) that I can charge advertisers by percentage
    ie for each category above I can put a different value but by%
    And that these categories have their permanent signatures.
    and that these charges will only be made when the advertiser has a sale completed.

    c) and that it has free categories and that I can determine how many days it will expire.

    my email to contact:

    rakesh3 months ago

    Do you support Indian payments? CCavenue or any other ?
    Do you support Indian payments? CCavenue or any other ?

    cybergates1 month ago

    Hello. Can you integrated https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/index this gateway in osclass payment ...
    Hello. Can you integrated https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/index this gateway in osclass payment pro plugin ? If yes how much it costs this modification ?


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