Voucher System

Create vouchers for Payment Pro that your users can redeem to add credits to their wallet. The perfect way to advertise your site, bring users to it and make users feel special!

This plugin adds the functionality to create vouchers that your customers can redeem in order to get credits to their wallet.

Video walk trhough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2LzkiRdxXw

You can create Bundles that contain vouchers so you can keep track of vouchers handed out at different times and how many of them were used etc. You can select to create any given number of vouchers, either with a set value or with random values between a minimum and a maximum value. Vouchers are guarded against incorrect entries to avoid brute force guessing by users. Allow X number of invalid voucher codes and then lock the user out of entering voucher codes for Y seconds. You can also add vouchers to already existing Bundles if needed.

The idea is to allow for multiple types of vouchers but for starters, it’s focused on vouchers for the Osclass Payment Pro plugin.

Note that you need to have wallets enabled for your users in Payment Pro.

This plugin requires the free dliCore framework available here

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