If the user choose to print the ads information this plugin give the user the best way to include the the print page all the information that is needed, and option to select what iformation will be printed.

Users will be able to select which information to include in the print page by checking checkboxes available in select print page.

They can choose to include:

– date and location;

– description;

– custom fields;

– seller contact information;

– and images by selecting what images to include in the print page;

– extra option on print page, user can chosee the dimension of images by chosing how many images will be on row;

The admin has multiple option for this plugin to better integration of this plugin with the theme that she use and some extra options.

Admins options to style and integrate the plugin in the site:

– choose to open the print page in a new tab or as a pop-up new window;

– chose to display the user email even if this user don’t check the checkbox to show the email when she published the ad;

– display the phone number from user account or to display the phone from telephone plugin if this plugin is install on site and the phone for this add is set in this plugin;

– match the colors from select page with your theme easy from admin in plugin settings by chosing the perfect color for elements from that page;

– you can chose difrent style for print button wich will be includet in item page and chose background color and text color from plugin settings;

– and if you do not like the style you can add easy the style in custom style tab, you dont have to edit the style sheet of this plugin to change the style;

To implement the plugin on your theme you have to edit the file responsable for item page and include the line which will display the print button, you have some tutorials in the plugin help page wich guide you how to edit aand include the line and how to translate the plugin.

    Leal1 year ago

    It does not display the option to select which images to print. I have the latest version of Oscl...
    It does not display the option to select which images to print. I have the latest version of Osclass installed and the Patricia Theme.

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