Osclass Email Reminder

This plugin allows you to enable reminders for your users, so they don't forget to do actions such as: user account pending to validate, remember users to share their listing on social media, etc.

What it does

Email Reminder will remind your users about:

  • New! Make your ad premium, new reminder to encourage your users to make their ads premium.
  • Account pending to validate.
  • (For new users) Remind your website features and other sections, e.g., your blog.
  • New listings. Remind users to share it on social media, make it premium,etc.
  • Users with listings pending to validate.
  • New listings without images. Advice your users that listings with attached images have a wider reach to the audience.
  • Expired listings, you can tell your users to remove or republish their expired listings. 

Email Reminder will also send a summary of your site statistics. Enable daily and weekly digests, for new users and listings, and see how well your site performed in the latest hours or days, comparing previous periods versus the present.

New on version 1.1.0

  •  Reminder stats, you can browse the sent reminders and know how many emails were sent by day and to who.
New on version 1.2.0
  • New reminder, Expired listing reminder.
  • Add weekly stats reminder bbc address, send a copy of weekly stats email to who you want.
New on version 2.1.0
  • New reminder, Make your ad premium reminder.

How it works

This plugin uses Osclass auto-cron to run the function which checks the list of email reminders and see which ones need to be sent at the current time.

Osclass cron is a “pseudo-cron”, which means that it won’t always run the script at the exact time you want. The cron job is triggered when somebody visits your web site. If you have a low traffic website, don’t be surprised if the reminders aren’t exactly being sent on the exact time you specified.



  • Manage reminders.

    • Enable / Block email reminder.
    • Test email reminder.
    • Edit subject and body email reminder.
    • Delete email reminder
  • Bcc email. You can also add an email address which will be included as bcc email in every reminder sent. (Useful if you want a measure of how many emails are sent)

Want to see it in action? Check out this video tutorial:

Before you buy

  • Email server must be well configured in order to work.
  • No support is provided for email server configuration


Useful information

If you have troubles setting up your mail server, you can take a look at MailGun for Osclass

License conditions


Note that this product is under a One Time Use License, therefore we hereby grant to you a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license to use this product in one Osclass installation. Under a One Time Use License Agreement you do not have the right to use this product independently of your Osclass installation or on more than one Osclass website.




- Increased days from 127 to 2147483647

- External links allowed.


- Added new reminder, active ads, unblocked ads, no spam ads and ad no premium.


- Added delete listing url at email templates

( more inside zip file, read changelog.md file )


2 Reviews

I like your plugin, but it has one big flaw.
By buninsan, August 13, 2017
Sorry, I'm using Google translator.
I like your plugin, but it has one big flaw.
I installed it on the site with 50,000 ads.
The plugin started sending thousands of emails in an hour and more.
Naturally, the IP address of the server got into the spam of the base and now the letters from the site do not reach anywhere.
In your plugin you need to make a limit on sending mail.
It is necessary to regulate the number of letters sent for a certain period of time.
Thank you for attention!
Good Plugin
By Anass Habrah, May 18, 2016
Good plugin to remind users
I like it and smooth installation
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