Showing your expiry date ads with a clock countdown in real time. Live demo included.

clock countdown to normal items and premium, in any part you like (on all listings, item page, profile listings ). Date & time format of your osclass configuration you choose on admin settings, is compatible. Option to choose your time zone and list for consult hours of your region time zone (GMT). Easy configuration.

Dynamic text: expire in, expire tomorrow, expire today and expired in.

CSS file with class added for custom design.

Live Demo

- Plugin translated to 24 languages:

Arabic - SAUDI ARABIA (SA) (ar_SA)


Danish - DENMARK (DK) (da_DK)

German - GERMANY (DE) (de_DE)

English - UNITED STATES (US) (en_US)

Spanish - SPAIN (ES) (es_ES)

Estonian - ESTONIA (EE) (et_EE)


Finnish - FINLAND (FI) (fi_FI)

French - FRANCE (FR) (fr_FR)

Croatian - CROATIA (HR) (hr_HR)

Japanese - JAPAN (JP) (ja_JP)

Lithuanian - LITHUANIA (LT) (lt_LT)

Latvian - LATVIA (LV) (lv_LV)


Malay (macrolanguage) - MALAYSIA (MY) (ms_MY)

Portuguese - BRAZIL (BR) (pt_BR)

Portuguese - PORTUGAL (PT) (pt_PT)

Romanian - ROMANIA (RO) (ro_RO)


Slovak - SLOVAKIA (SK) (sk_SK)

Albanian - ALBANIA (AL) (sq_AL)

Swedish - SWEDEN (SE) (sv_SE)

Thai - THAILAND (TH) (th_TH)


Free support


Do you need a custom attributes plugin? We do the job and delivery in the same day of your payment, by only 25 USD.

    Markus ...2 years ago

    Hy, why the plugin cost 31$ when i do it in my charts?
    Hy, why the plugin cost 31$ when i do it in my charts?

    fog AUTHOR2 years ago

    Hi Markus, is very strange... but don't know why this happens.
    Really, I see now the button to purchase saying: free Download, is a bug because is a premium product with a cost of 14$.
    Please contact osclass team, I'm sure they will correct it, must be a bug on script.
    If for some reason you not got a answer or the problem continue, contact me for private message for I try solve the problem.
    Sorry about this problem.
    Kind Regards

    fog AUTHOR2 years ago

    Sorry, I think when the button say free download, is just for developer. I believe other users not see the same.
    Well, for your problem on cart, you are sure you do not added other premium products on your cart? Please check the total products first, if can be that situation, the cause of that total price.
    Kind Regards

    Markus ...2 years ago

    the price in my cart ist 14$, but on the site the price for the clock countdown is 31$ and 0$ Taxes before i can continue the shopping.

    I send osclass support an info, maybe they can fix the problem.

    fog AUTHOR2 years ago

    Yes, is better to know what they tell you, or to fix the problem before to purchase it. This happens to you in other products, or only with on this product in specific?
    Thanks for replying
    Kind Regards

    Markus ...2 years ago

    I had this problem only with the clock countdown.

    fog AUTHOR2 years ago

    Thanks for your confirmation. If you cannot obtain a answer by osclass team, considering... in normal time. Let me know in soon, to I trying contact them.
    Or in alternative, you can contact me by osclass forum to my email, clicking on my profile.
    Sorry about this unexpected problem, I hope it can be solved in soon.
    Kind Regards

    Chintan ...1 year ago

    Hi Team, Does this plugin has features like : 1) Auto delete post once it passed expiration date...
    Hi Team,

    Does this plugin has features like :
    1) Auto delete post once it passed expiration date ?
    2) Sort posts based on expiration dates ?


    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    The plugin was not made for this purpose..

    Auto delete listings:
    You can use butler.1.0.0 plugin to auto delete items, is free. I not tested the plugin yet, but I think he will working with a fix value defined in days to expiration. Don't know if that value is global to all categories... you need to test the plugin first.

    For sort by expiration date:
    What you want is to sorting listings per expiration date. Can be done only by calendar picker on search page, with a proper code inside of your theme.
    The plugin Calendar expiration pro, do not have that resource.

    The only theme we have with that similar resource is duoevents theme. He can search by event start date, and that date nothing to do with publish date of listing.

    If you need something specific related, we can do the custom job. You need find our contact to contacting, because of rules of market: emails and links are not allowed in public posts.

    That is all I can tell you per now.
    Kind Regards

    Vinoth9 months ago

    This plugin is suitable for McFly theme. Please tell me I have to purchase this plugin.
    This plugin is suitable for McFly theme. Please tell me I have to purchase this plugin.

    fog AUTHOR9 months ago

    Hi, if your current theme not have any JS conflicts, this plugin will works fine. I don't know about mcfly theme internal code, so, I cannot warranty 100%. Maybe will works normally. I give you the support for fix something on theme, if needed, only if you not got support of mcfly theme from author, and only to working to that plugin, of course. Regards

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