Calendar expiration pro

Let your users choose the ad expiration date by calendar picker. Your users will be able to better control your ads on the most convenient date, including editing the date as often as necessary to move the item to the top.

Installation requirements:

Admin just need configure/choose the categories to calendar picker appears on publish page. No need add any hook/functions or code. Will working in any theme.

Admin settings:

✓ Theme color to calendar picker: default or dark.

✓ Days to top after xx days (zero will disable)

✓ Expiration mode (to users, or admin define expiration)

✓ Min date on calendar picker (in days)

✓ Max date of calendar picker (in months, max 12)

✓ Expiration field (required or not)

✓ Custom css to expiration field (enable / disable)

✓ Free support, free custom css for expiration field for any theme, if you need.

    Chintan ...2 months ago

    Hi Team, Does this plugin has features like : 1) Auto delete post once it passed expiration date...
    Hi Team,

    Does this plugin has features like :
    1) Auto delete post once it passed expiration date ?
    2) Sort posts based on expiration dates ?


    fog AUTHOR2 months ago

    Hi, plugin not have that both options.
    But I will think about that.

    Sorting ads by date on frontend?
    DuoEvents theme have that resource, we can add that on plugin too, on next version.


    Chintan ...2 months ago

    Hi Fog,

    Yes, sorting ads by date on Front-end or by default from admin portal , whatever would be easy.
    And auto delete once it reached to expiration date.

    I would like to purchase this plugin if I get both the features. I want to use this plugin specifically for Events listings.


    fog AUTHOR2 months ago

    Hi, thanks by reply again.
    For sorting ads on frontend need be done directly on theme with a submit form with a button. I mean, all together is the best option (Field to written search words, chose a country, region, city, min price, max price, etc). All in one on same submit form. Like DuoEvents theme have.

    For auto delete items, I will see in soon. Problem is can take long time to be approved by osclass team, the new version of plugin. Can take months. Is not in my hands control that part.

    Best Regards

    Gerald ...2 months ago

    Does this plugin remove expired ads?
    Does this plugin remove expired ads?

    fog AUTHOR1 month ago

    Hi, not yet. I thinking to add the option on next version.