Give to your users the opportunity to insert a discount on price. The price value will include reduction for be searchable on minimum and maximum value.

Make it available only to premium listings, or for all your listings.

When discount is removed the main price come back again normally.

New releases notes:

the new versions of price discount not use anymore the original price/currency fields. That's means the plugin now have custom fields to price and currency.All the values will update the original rows on item table to price and currency, and rollback to normal price after discount removed.Javascript to check price value on original price field was removed (don't need anymore check original field to price, because he need be removed on your theme).

Live Demo


Selecting categories for showing content of plugin.

Help file included with youtube video.

Admin features

Option - Discount field to be required.

Option - Showing discount value separate of price.

Option - Showing only one currency (only for projects with a single currency).

Option - To showing main price in tooltip (without discount) on publish page.

Option - Default CSS or custom CSS (custom.css file included).

Option - Showing content discount price only on premium listings, and duplicates.

Option - Showing only content tags block, in: Only on premium listings, Only on item pages, in all.

On item page, will show ever all discount price content, no matter if is premium or not. Only tags block can be optional by admin to not showing content.

Is more interesting not showing on normal listings if you need showing the content only to premium listings, but keeping ever item page with all information avaiable for all items.

User features

All this values appear on all listings and item pages with tooltip included on some values/referencies:

proposal, conditional, invoice, date invoice, url of product purchased, Under Warranty/Level.

Protections on discount field:

Limit of characters to 7, only numbers and point decimal are allowed, CTRL + v not allowed, copy/paste by mouse not allowed, only two decimals.

Protections on date field:

Limit of characters to 10, only numbers and diagonal bar are allowed, CTRL + v not allowed, copy/paste by mouse not allowed.

Incentive to user make ad as premium with a message on tooltip, when admin have the option enable (Showing only resources of price: only premium listings).

Product licence:

Can not be shared with other users/programmers or support for this product is lost.

For configuration to premium themes of other programmers, the only content you can share is the information on help page. Copy/paste that information to your theme programmer.

The configuration is very easy to you do by your self, use notepad ++ to find the line code related to price, and replace with code on help page, is just that.

For you find the id of div of price for using the tooltip, is easy, but if you need help on this let me know about your URL or premium theme you have, and I tell you how you can add the ID if not exists.

Open support ticket for your questions any time.


Do you need a custom attributes plugin? We do the job and delivery in the same day of your payment, by only 25 USD.

1 Reviews

Working just fine!
By angel, November 21, 2016
The plugin works as The support is incredibly fast, accurate and Good work!
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    Gary ...1 year ago

    Can seller place a countdown clock on the discount price to expire? or do they have to manually g...
    Can seller place a countdown clock on the discount price to expire?
    or do they have to manually go and change back to regular price?

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Gary, I don't know if I understand your question.
    Price discount plugin not have clock countdown, but both plugins can working together without problems. On live demo both plugins working together.
    Can you specify better your question?

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Price discount value is inserted by seller, if he need remove the discount value (manually) the original price without discount is replaced again, after updated. He can do the inverse how many times he need, all values are replaced correctly after updated ad.

    Clock countdown is another plugin, but both can working together as I mentioned on previous message.


    Gary ...1 year ago

    there SHOULD be a "special price expires" clock WITHIN the plug in JUST for the sale price.
    then it rushes the public to order!.
    it would say RIGHT next to the slashed regular price: "Discount Price expires in 13;22 min" etc..

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi, I think is the same thing... when ad expire, the price will expire in same time. But is not what you mean, of course.

    I understand what you mean. Let's suppose plugin have expiration only to expire discount price, and not related with ad expiration:

    The problem is, when price discount expires and item not was sold yet, nobody care about original price without discount anymore. If seller not got sold the item with discount, is much more difficult sell with original price without discount. Users will see the expiration date terminated, and prefer wait to seller update again with new date to new discount. They don't care about original price anymore, and prefer wait to get a new discount. Is bad idea, believe me. Expiration date is better only to AD and not to price.

    I think is not good idea a price with expire date, and that's why not exists that resource on price discount plugin.

    Seller need decide if need a price discount related with your website where he can prove your purchase with invoice, with warranty or not, value discount will depends of that. How many people when buy a product and after 15 days decide to sell him? The product is new, so a discount value is good for this situations, and expiration date is good only to ad in question.

    Is more easy seller decide when ad expire he can update normally, keep the same discount value, or change to a new discount value, or decide remove the discount value.

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    If a potential buyer decide contact seller on last day of terminus date with discount value, the buyer can obtain the answer after price discount expired. Depends of time of seller to respond.

    Seller have all interest in sell, so something like a wrong answer: "Ah, sorry the price discount is not available anymore", but that's ok I can sell it with same discount after expired, no problem (Very bad answer, seller can lose the deal).

    I mean, it does not make much difference, because seller need to sell with discount price, or buyer will not respond anymore, and deal is lost. So, the expiration to price discount no make sense anymore.

    Ads classified is not a online store with info cart to prove item was purchased inside the proper date. A buyer have rights if exists a final resume of purchase, need a real stock.

    For other hand, is not a auction site with a countdown of offers. Classifieds can do that, but only to ad in question, not directly on price expiration. I do not mean to be misunderstood, just to clarify that this plugin only help to a certain part like a regular website classifieds, and not in the way you intend, like a auction site.

    Sorry, if I tell you the true, a classifieds plataform is for help to selling used products, and people need to sell and not complicate with personal policies, or resources of other different plataforms. Expiration date to ads is enought. I hope you can understand what I mean.


    Marcus ...1 year ago

    Hi, does it support all theme? Also can I just strike the original price and show the discounted...
    Hi, does it support all theme?

    Also can I just strike the original price and show the discounted price in normal font?

    I don't want those border, ticks, etc. Just normal font (size, etc) same as my current one.

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Marcus, the plugin will run in any theme, because all themes need price field (field of osclass core). Any theme need call the core internal function to price. Yes, will be compatible with your current theme.
    For all design of: font-sizes, border, colors, background-color, etc... exists on plugin a admin option to point to a file custom.css. On that css file you can change all css elements, because he have all class and ID already inserted. You just need change the pixel numbers and colors, just that.
    But, any help you need I can help you.

    Thanks for your question.

    Firdosh ...1 year ago

    Hello sir, Can i use it my website Is it comfortable with my theme?
    Hello sir,
    Can i use it my website ? Is it comfortable with my theme?

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi, on ad page probably will works, because is not so difficult to replace code with more space to control better all content of plugin on that page. But, I cannot tell you if will working well on design, each theme have a different HTML structure and CSS. I mean, this plugin will require some experience on edit code (HTML and CSS), except on bender theme. Anyway, default CSS can be disable and enable custom CSS. But you need knowing well the HTML structure of your theme, because you need replace the price function (osc_item_formated_price()) on all listings. Unless you do not mind with that, and ignore all listings without content of plugin, and just use the content of plugin in ad page. Showing the content of plugin to all listings is a optional extra.


    mudita1 year ago

    Is this plugin computable with AIclassy ?and can I change discount text style , color, font ?Di...
    Is this plugin computable with AIclassy ?
    and can I change discount text style , color, font ?
    Discount price or offer expiry will also show with listing?

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi, aiclassy is based on bender theme. You need follow the default tutorial to bender on help page of plugin. I can help you if you need.

    All css code can be customized on css file of plugin on css folder: pricediscount.css or custom.css file (if option to custom css is enabled / saved by admin).

    Discount price will appears on listings after configuration, but not have countdown to expire, the offer / discount expire when ad expire too (only). For countdown to expire is possible with clockcountdown plugin but only showing the ad expiration, and not to discount price to revert to normal price (that automatical resource not exists on plugin).

    I mean, basically, if author of ad need revert the price to normal without discount, he need edit ad manually to remove discount value, is just that.

    If you need something different, you need contacting by email to a custom plugin to your needs.


    max1 year ago

    hi fog I can use this plugin only to see the prices without the point and the two final zeros I w...
    hi fog I can use this plugin only to see the prices without the point and the two final zeros
    I would like the 50000.00 euro announcement to be only 50,000 euros
    Can i do this with this plugin?
    thank you

    fog AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi max, is possible, but decimal point is a required field on osclass script. That decimal comma/point, will be present before the last two numbers(50000,00 / 50000.00) so a new method is needed to remove last 3 characters, including decimal point.

    First, you need config on languages, and click on edit to insert the comma to thousands separator, and a point to decimal.
    . You need do the same to all languages you have installed.

    But is possible to remove last 3 characters ( .00) with javascript.

    Please, contact me open a support ticket, to explain you how it can be done. Or I can do it for you inside the plugin, with a new admin option to you enable / disable the new method.

    Take note, this method is only to front end of your theme, and if user insert decimals, will not appears on front end of site, but values of decimals will be counted with discount matematically. A minor issue, or insignificate.

    So the final result on your theme will be: 50,000 €

    Please, do not answer here, because need be aproved by osclass team, and it take time to be public and answer you again. Open a support ticket, is fast and no need be aproved by osclass team.


    mudita10 months ago

    this price discount plugin is compatible with theme AIClassy ?
    this price discount plugin is compatible with theme AIClassy ?

    fog AUTHOR10 months ago

    Yes, will works fine. AIclassy was build from Bender theme, or same structure, so is guaranteed..
    If you need help to config the plugin, let me know.


    fog AUTHOR10 months ago

    Yes, will works fine. AIclassy was build from Bender theme, or same structure, so is guaranteed..
    If you need help to config the plugin / theme, let me know.


    Jacek ...2 days ago

    Hi, I hope you can answer some of these questions for me and I hope they actually make sense.It m...
    Hi, I hope you can answer some of these questions for me and I hope they actually make sense.It might be a silly question but can different discounts be applied to specific pages or categories?

    Jacek ...2 days ago

    Can discounts be given to advertisers?
    Can discounts be given to advertisers?

    fog AUTHOR2 days ago

    Hi, the price discount is a value chosen by advertiser to each item to sell.
    So, each discount is added to item to publish. Advertizer can edit / remove discount value in any time. To do that he need edit the item again, and original price without discount will appears automatically.

    The discount value is used only to item page by default, but can be used to display on all listings too (is optional).
    We can help on configuration, that will depends of your current theme for you get free support configuration.


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