MultiPrice - Hourly, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly prices

Using this plugin your users will be able to set different prices for different time periods.

Update is uploaded to Osclass Market and it awaits review. Daily price is added.


Hey there!

Did Your users ever want to add multiple prices for their services? Did they want different prices for hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly usages? How did they add that prices? In the description, where they are hard to see?

They won't need to it anymore, because here is the MultiPrice plugin!


Different price types - hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly.

You can select which types to enable and which to disable.

You can disable the default price field.

You can automatically set the value of the disabled price field (in case you will disable the plugin etc.) to be "None/Free" or to be one of the time depending prices (hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly).

You can edit CSS for hiding default price field directly in the admin panel.

You can use code samples in the admin panel to show prices in different contexts. There is a code to insert in the item loop of your theme to show prices in the list and code to show prices anywhere using item id.

Live Demo



The plugin is currently translated in only two languages: English (US) and Croatian (my language). However, you can easily translate the plugin yourself using the provided template file and POEdit software.

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