Some of you may have had problems when deleting listings. Have you found the deleted listing still wandering around your site like a ghost? This plugin will help you remove those annoying ghost ads. It works automatically as it doesn’t require you to manually check for ghost listings; it runs as a cron job.

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By Evgen, November 14, 2018
Плагин не работает! При удалении объявлений пишет "объявление не может быть удалено".. На форуме нашел информацию что этот плагин решает вопрос с удалением "проблемных" объявлений, но к сожалению он ничего не решил(( Как быть?
By vim, October 07, 2017
plugins really help me
Не работает
By onlineppua, April 05, 2017
Проверял на Osclass [removed]
Тема bender [removed]
Ghostbuste no rating
By aleksandr, June 16, 2016
agree lit gray question mark , like as not working It is not clear how to solve the problem
Ghostbuste no rating
By Konstantin, January 30, 2016
Your plugin does not work to remove old and inactive When you boot into the plugin Manager loaded question mark that says that you need to contact All previous versions are not How to solve the problem?

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    • Version4.0.2 (2014-11-19)
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