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Are you selling or buying? This plugin will extend a category on ads’ description which will allow users to mark if theirs is a sell or buy offer type. Once installed, you can choose which categories do you want to apply this attribute. Furthermore, you will be able to filter ads according to these attribute.

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Below standard
By ogba, February 25, 2018
Ok the plugin works if you just need to get it on the publish the form. But its poorly built.

we need a hook to show items that are buy items on the listing pages. When we open the item, there should be something showing the post is from a buyer.
It Works
By Simon, January 10, 2018
I dont know what is happening with yours but it works for me
it does not let me select all the categories
By martin orta, December 15, 2017
Hello, as it has been happening to me with other plugins, there are add-ons where it does not let me select all the categories so that you can use the tool, in this case, the purchase one.

Attached image

For more than to select all categories, I only select those that came predetermined in osclass.

Please correct this, as it is happening in all the plugins,

I leave a video to see the problem: [removed]
It works
By Razide, March 28, 2017
Works with the newest Osclass, and easily translatable to any language.
does not work
By Rikard, October 13, 2016
It was the only thing that made me turn to another classified script with function like that build in will be back if it get updated some time soon

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