Too many expired or spam listings?

It’s been ages since they registered and there are still lots of non-activated users and listings?

Ring the bell! Here comes Butler plugin to clean your classifieds website for you. 

This plugin will help you get rid of the dreadful task of manually reviewing those listings and users. Just set expiration deadlines for each type of listings and users you choose(spam, non-activated, expired). Butler plugin will automatically delete those listings after the number of days you have set. You can also configure a maximum number of listings that will be deleted each time. It’s ideal if you have a high traffic website and will definitely help you gain more free space. 

Please note that in order to work properly, cron or auto-cron must be enabled, being your system cron the preferred method

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Awesome Plugin
By hollyboom, March 28, 2017
Works like a charm,thank you for your great work & for sharing this.

Best regards.
Great Plugin
By Toto Prayogo, February 02, 2017
Thanks for create it
Very nice!
By SmaRTeY, June 10, 2015
As mentioned a valued plugin for Admins. Is there a chance this plugin will be updated with the option to cleanup users that ARE active yet have not posted ads since X days and/or have them sent a warning email similar to items that are about to be expired?
By dev101, April 14, 2015
Exactly what every bussy admin needs - Thanks!
Good one
By Drizzle, April 14, 2015
Plugin is really good and usefull one. thank you osclass team.
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    CostasZ1 year ago

    Doesn't work right after 3.7.3. They days calculation seem off.
    Doesn't work right after 3.7.3. They days calculation seem off.

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