Activate Deactivate Item

FINALLY! Have you ever wanted to give to the user an ability to disable and enable their items at free will? Plugin enables arbitrary item activation & deactivation both in User Dashboard and on ITEM page.



Please feel free to create / register a demo account to test plugin's features. Or you may use an existing demo user account at website above.


For example, User A sells an item and gets contacted by User B. They agree to have a 3 days for decision, so User A will pull it's item from public view simply by pressing "Deactivate" link. Later on, if User B decides to stand-back, User A will have the oportunity to re-activate it's item back online simply by clicking on Activate link!

Treat your users well and show them that you respect both their efforts and time! No need for them to delete active items and re-post them again and again once an item is temporarily not available anymore.

No more posting the same description, capturing or uploading same "new" old images etc. Simply give your users maximum freedom and flexibility with this state-of-the-art plugin!


  • Built using modern Osclass architecture and incorporates maximum security measures
  • Enables arbitrary items activation & deactivation in User Dashboard (auto-switchower)
  • ITEM PAGE support! A-D links can be placed directly below or next to EDIT link
  • Admin has option to change URL rewrite rules for activation and deactivation of items
  • Friendly URLs (when global Permalinks activated)
  • Light weight & fast code execution
  • Does not change item's original publishing and expiration date & time
  • Smart Redirects - plugin will return user to the exact same page/pagination before operation


Requires Osclass 3.2.0 and up. Plugin is compatible with virtually any theme (theme-independent operation), however, you will need to implement the code in the right place and add additional translation strings (this was done for maximum smooth theme integration and styling capabilities). Several most popular themes and examples provided to get you started!


Multi-level checks in place. There is no possibility that User A (or guests) can activate/deactivate items from other users. MySQL injection protection (sanitized inputs).


Provided in-depth instructions for the most popular themes (Bender, Modern, Flatter, Symnel, OsclassWizards).


(1) For maximum flexibility and smooth integration with various themes and styles, there are no translations for words 'Activate' and 'Deactivate' within Activate-Deactivate plugin itself. You need to edit your theme's .po files and add translation strings for words 'Activate' and 'Deactivate' and regenerate new .mo files width PO Edit accordingly. Check translation tutorial and documentation:

(2) Flash Messages should be translated within plugin /languages directory (since plugin version 2.0.0).


Simply overwrite plugin's root index.php file and /model directory. No other changes are required.


You need to perform a complete install/uninstall cycle:

  • Uninstall old 2.0.0 version
  • Overwrite plugin's root index.php file with new version
  • Install new version

DONE! No need to change anything else inside your theme's files or plugin's /languages directory.


From version 1.0.0 to 2.0.0: you can uninstall old version and then install new version, but it will also work just fine if you simply unzip and directly overwrite old plugin folder. Then visit /languages subfolder to translate new flash messages and you are done!

WHAT'S NEW - version 3.0.1

  • Automated Stats Updates

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.0.1

  • Change default plugin Friendly URL Rewrite Rules (resolve guest email activation links conflict)
  • item/activate > is now > item/activation
  • item/deactivate > is now > item/deactivation

WHAT'S NEW - version 2.0.0

  • Added new security layer (not that several layers were not enough, but now it's even more secure)
  • Flash Messages - now they will inform users after each operation*
  • Language translation folder added - please translate new flash messages inside plugin
  • NEW: Smart Redirects! Now, user will be returned to the EXACT SAME PAGE it was before the operation - in case of normal conditions, or returned to the user items list root in case of malicious tasks.

* User will be informed if it's item has been successfully activated/deactivated under normal conditions. Under abnormal conditions an error message will be shown e.g. if they try to use old link and activate/deactivate already active/inactive item. For example, if a user tries to use same link multiple times (out of fun or testing malicious vulnerabilities in your system) it will be kicked-out just the same as before, but now useful flash messages will be shown. Finally, in case of malicious operations such as if a user tries to activate/deactivate non-existing or foreign items, it will be returned to the dashboard without any message at all.

9 Reviews

Great plugin & excellent support
Note 10 this plungin. And a very good and fast support.
Great plugin & excellent support
By Rowel Sardea, April 22, 2018
Great plugin & excellent support!
By apibio, January 04, 2018
Exceptionally everything .... responded very quickly to messages .... exceptionally.
Really excellent support
By Sergi, October 21, 2017
Great pluggin with a really excellent support. very helpfull to solve any problem and to make it work.

Thank you very much
Superb Plugin!
By Traian, January 24, 2017
Great plugin with the BEST support. Period!

PS: I highly recommend all dev101 plugins for their quality and top–notch support.

    Scott ...1 year ago

    In the demo when I deactivated an item I could still find it by using search. Is that intended? I...
    In the demo when I deactivated an item I could still find it by using search. Is that intended? I want to be able to search for my own items at all times but selectively make some items unsearchable at will for others.

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi there Scott, thanks for noticing and reporting this :)

    No, this is not intended. Rest assured, this is not related to Activate-Deactivate plugin :)

    So, what happened? Well, it was a simple "bug" introduced few weeks ago when we tested some new code -- and later we forgot to undo the changes and revert things back on website.

    You can check again now how the plugin works, there will be no issues with deactivated items in search results :)

    Only the owner can access inactive item page (obviously), other users, guests and search bots cannot see it anywhere, including search results page.


    Cole1 year ago

    Is this licence for a single site install or can be used across multiple? Do activated/deactivate...
    Is this licence for a single site install or can be used across multiple?
    Do activated/deactivated ads update the category counts table?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Hi Cole,

    Thanks for asking. All my plugins are allowed to be used in multiple Osclass installations that you personally manage and own, unless stated otherwise.


    Cole1 year ago

    ok great and does it update the category counts in the database to keep the numbers accurate?

    dev101 AUTHOR1 year ago

    Yes, this plugin keps track of active/inactive item counts in real time.

    However, if you have issues with incorrect item counts, check my other small plugin to fix them (there's both free and premium versions available on Market). Some plugins I encountered introduce wrong item counts because of missing code/logic.


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